BBC World News explores the impact of COVID-19 on Made on Earth: Road to Recovery

Made on Earth telecasts at 02:30 and 08:30 GMT / 0800 and 1400 IST on Saturdays; 1430 and 2130 GMT / 2000 IST on Sundays and 0300 IST following Monday on BBC World News.

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BBC World News and’s updated series Made on Earth: Road to Recovery delivered in association with FedEx Express reveals a fascinating of how some Indian businesses have charted the way forward following the economic shock caused by COVID-19. The multi-platform series traveled to India presented by Babita Sharma and Finn Aberdein to look at how two major industries – spices and bicycles have been impacted by the global pandemic and how the complex networks that produce, transport, process, and package these products adapted.

The series which can be watched on BBC Reel airs this weekend on BBC World News visits the spice market of Mumbai and Finn Aberdein meets a spice farmer in the steep hills of Kerala whose business is suffering as a result of coronavirus also travelling to the Synthite factory near Cochin that is one of the biggest processors and exporters of spices in India which has seen an increase in demand since the pandemic struck.

Another episode focusing on bicycles sees Finn return to Mumbai to meet the city’s first ‘Bicycle Mayor’ and learn how she has been encouraging residents to get fit and reduce pollution. The episode can be watched on BBC Reel from 24th December on BBC World News on 26th and 27th December.

“This is probably the biggest economic shock of our lifetime but although the impact of the pandemic on jobs and businesses in India is still unfolding, it’s clear that human ingenuity and the urge to trade are irrepressible. Made On Earth: Road To Recovery offers a fascinating snapshot of where we’re at and what the future might hold.”

Mary Wilkinson, Head of Editorial for BBC Global News

“The pandemic has demonstrated the vital role of global networks to transport goods across borders and FedEx Express is at the heart of efforts to keep trade flowing. The Made on Earth: Road to Recovery series brings us stories of how businesses are transforming in these dynamic times and finding opportunities for people and communities to change their lives through the access to trade,” said Brie Carere, FedEx Corporation EVP and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.  

Made on Earth telecasts at 02:30 and 08:30 GMT / 0800 and 1400 IST on Saturdays; 1430 and 2130 GMT / 2000 IST on Sundays and 0300 IST following Monday on BBC World News. The program will also be available on BBC Reel.

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