Bharti Telemedia temporarily joins Superhero Program to extend benefits for Airtel DTH recharges

Airtel Digital TV Dish

Back in April, OnlyTech had broken the introduction of Airtel Superhero Program wherein Airtel pre-paid mobile customers were eligible to earn an amount equivalent to 4% of the recharge value on every pre-paid online Airtel recharge for other Airtel numbers. Bharti Telemedia, the holding company of Airtel Digital TV has silently last month joined the ‘Superhero Program’ temporarily to extend benefits for Airtel DTH recharges.

Airtel Digital TV

Commencing 14th May 2020, Bharti Telemedia has temporarily joined the ‘Superhero Program’. However, unlike the prepaid mobile service offer, there is only a 2% amount to be earned on every online Airtel DTH recharge for other Digital TV users facilitated by the Superhero.

The DTH recharge benefit however is only available to those person enrolling in the program on or after the DTH effective date. We were unable to view the 2% Cashback offer on DTH recharges on a Superhero account that was set up in April i.e before the DTH effective date (14th May 2020).

The offer unless extended by Bharti Telemedia will run until June 30, 2020 or for a period until situation arisen due to COVID-19 resumes to normal, which ever is earlier.

Airtel notes that the program is available all over India bar Jammu and Kashmir. The earnings by Superhero will in no case, exceed Rs 15,000 per annum cumulatively for Recharges and DTH Recharges facilitated by such Superhero.

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