COLORS to premiere ‘Kuch Toh Hai’ on 7th February at 8 PM

The show produced by Balaji Telefilms features Harsh Rajput and Krishna Mukherjee in leading roles.

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Kuch Toh Hai

COLORS’ latest fantasy fiction, a spin-off of Naagin, Kuch Toh Hai is set to premiere late this week on 7th February. Kuch Toh Hai will air every Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM only on COLORS. When the two eternal and all-powerful beings Cheel and Naagin went against the law and broke the very fabric of nature, they were severely cursed for their actions.

The consequence of their union saw them give birth to a new being opening up a whole new world that will form the premise of Kuch Toh Hai. Naagin and Cheel’s offspring will weave its tale of forbidden love and how it battles other extraordinary beings to meet its soulmate. The show produced by Balaji Telefilms features Harsh Rajput and Krishna Mukherjee in leading roles.

Rehan the heartthrob of Mussorie with a carefree attitude and easygoing demeanor lurks a vampire who is supremely powerful. Priya on the other hand residing in another part of Mussorie is sweet and loveable with a beautiful heart but also has a secret. She is not a normal girl but a part-angel and part-human and possesses great powers. When Rehan meets Priya their world changes completely and another story of forbidden love is shaped.

“We at COLORS have been pioneers in the fantasy fiction space and with every season of Naagin, we have surpassed viewer expectations. With Kuch Toh Hai, we are set to present a unique dimension and creative rendition of the show. As we strengthen our weekend prime time, we are confident that the Naagin spin-off will provide an immersive experience and take the fantasy realm experience up by a notch.”

Nina Elavia Jaipuria, Head, Hindi Mass Entertainment and Kids TV network Viacom18

Commenting on the concept of the show,Manisha Sharma, Chief Content Officer, Hindi Mass Entertainment, Viacom18 said,“Fantasy Fiction is a genre that has always garnered us a legion of fans and season after season, Naagin has proved to be our star franchise. With Kuch Toh Hai, we will be opening a new world of possibilities and adding another layer to the storyline that will be a confluence of mystery, fantasy, love and dark powers. The viewers so far witnessed the chronicles of Naagin but for the first time, they will witness love story of a vampire and an angel, making it more appealing and youthful. It is our pleasure to collaborate with Ekta Kapoor again who understands the pulse of this genre and we are certain that there will be great surprises in store for the audience.”

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