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Aravindh k

7 Jan 2022
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Guys how to change profile 1, profile 2, profile 3, profile 4 in airtel dth. When i click favorite it just goes to favourite profile 1 after that i don't know how to change to other profiles.
Favourite channels for different profiles can be set in settings. Favourite channels allign in the order of selection. You can also press favourite button in remote when the EPG banner is being displayed to add or remove channels from favourite. After setting the favourite channels, press favourite button after EPG banner disappears. You can turn on/off favourite mode with left right, to change profile press down arrow and left right to different profiles, press ok after selecting desired mode and profile. You should enter favourite mode with desired profile. Use Ch+ to switch to first favourite channel and Ch- to last favourite channel. In standby Favourite mode is still on. Favourite mode automatically turns off when the power source is cut. After turning on you can use the same method. i.e. press Fav button when EPG banner disappears. Previous profile is saved. So you need not again change profile. Just turn on, press ok and Ch+ or Ch-.
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Maybe he is using min 100 model 😅, because in normal hd box on click fav it asks you to explicitly turn on fav and If I remember you can select profile too
Follow the below steps for MIN 100 model.
1. Go to Menu -> Settings -> User Settings -> User Profiles -> Set Active Profile.

2. Choose the new profile.
3. Press OK to Save.
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