Seeking Help Signal issue on my new TATA play hd stb


8 Oct 2019
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Guys I have recently changed my dth connection from DishTV to tata play. As I was having dish and cable already so I have only purchased tata play hd stb. But in the next day of installation that was India's first cwc match against Australia stb started showing no signal around 1 pm. When I removed signal cable from stb and again connected it my stb started working on same signal strength. This problem is coming mostly in day time frequently.
What should i do?
It should not have been necessary to change the LNB. A universal LNB works with any DTH (hence the name). It's possible that technician installed a faulty LNB, or the connections are not done properly. Your best bet is to call Tata Play and ask for a visit. Clearly explain the situation to the customer service representative. You might not need to pay anything, a new installation should have a warranty of few months at least.
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