DTH firms taking over cable market.


7 Apr 2011
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DTH firms taking over cable market; operators approach govt
Indore: The cable industry of the state is on the verge of bankruptcy, thanks to the rapid and wide spread of the DTH firms.
The Madhya Pradesh Cable Operators’ Association has now approached the state government and has demanded that the 20 per cent tax, which is levied on them, must be done away with.

Citing the example of other BJP-ruled states, they have claimed that the tax levied in Madhya Pradesh is around seven per cent more than at other places.
In a letter addressed to the state government, the association has said that their problem has not been addressed despite repeated assurances by the state government.
Due to the heavy tax on the cable operators, seven DTH companies have been able to capture almost 40 per cent of the market.
The operators feel that if they do not get any help with immediate effect, their businesses would be ruined. They also expressed their helplessness on the fact that they were made to charge more from their consumers due to the heavy tax.​

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