easy and important steps to maintain dth equipment properly for great viewing


29 May 2011
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these r few simple steps

keep connectors clean.always inssert aluminium wire directly into hole, dont scratch it on its outskirts,first fix the connector in the slot and then screw it properly

do note copper wire of connector should b little out of connector

keep av wire or hdmi or component wire with which u have connected the box clean and dry and bfore connecting,it will help in receiving crispier sound and good pic.

when taking out wire always pull out by placing hand over the connector of wire which is on top , never pull out holding black wire behind the socket as it may damage the connection inside with the socket and sound or pic quality may suffer

before connecting av or connector wire, blow dry air into the stb sockets of that wire to clean the dust. also alway connect the wires or connector after plugging offf from mains

always switch off stb from remote bfore closing from mains,this helps in maintaining durability of box

never block ventilation points of stb whether in bottom, up or behind. never cover stb with cloth while in operation or keep plastic cover beneath. try avoiding stb directly over tv as it is exposed to heat which damages the box .

always clean viewing card with damp cloth and never scratch golden part of viewing card. it should not cleaned by scratching on jeans or any cloth which is not soft. insert and exit the card from slot smoothly.

stb should b cleaned with dry cloth,never clean with wet cloth, at the most cloth should b damp but water should nevr b dripping, even a tiny drop can damage ur box, so take care

always also note that copper wire coming out of connector is straight as if its bend or tilts, u will have pic disturbence. with ur fingers and thumb adjust the copper wire to b straight,also when inserting inside connector hole try to fix it as straigh as possible, sometimes people screw it in tilted way as after wrong insertion of connector which help screwing , rings get worn out and when u screw it in ,unknowingly it goes in tilted way which ultimately damages copper signal wire and also the pic and signal comes cracky with cuts visible on screen specially in fast scenes, in still scenes pic will appear slightly dull and washy due to cuts
thnx a lot for sharingt this info here.

really helpful.
Many peoples Cover the Stb With Clothe and Result - Stb heat and Fault in Power supply,
Very helpfull articles For Dth user,
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