Seeking Help Which DTH to choose?

1 Nov 2012
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I have a Tata Play DTH at home. While working in Bengaluru I took a Airtel DTH connection now that I am back home I asked for them to relocate it back but found out that a huge building made sure that I cant receive Airtel DTH connection. The Airtel service executive said that you can have either Tata Sky or d2h instead.

I would like to know which is better Dish tv or d2h? The channels I watch are Sports HD and English news only. So which among these 2 DTH should I take and what package?
You asking DishTV or d2h na then, Check these two threads,
Quality wise both DishTV-d2h same.
Based on the channels I am preferring Dishtv as Sports18 Khel and DD Sports HD along with more English news channels are available.

Only disadvantage is Sony Ten 4 is not present
I'd suggest to confirm whether signals of any other DTH service would indeed be receivable for you. Usually the DTH satellites have strong signals over major parts of India.

You can check it yourself too with a compass app on a smartphone. Following are the longitudinal locations of Geo-stationary satellites of each service.

Tata Play: 83° east
D2h ST2: 88° east
DishTV SES8: 95° east
Airtel SES7/9: 108° east

Check the longitudinal location of the place you are planning to install the dish. Then confirm whether there are any significant obstruction to the line-of-sight to the services listed above.
Go for dish tv
If you want to choose between Dish TV and D2H, you can choose any one. You can set ST2 and SES8 satellite in both Dish TV and D2H. Ultimately both are same you can buy either one.
I chose Dish TV as they have Sports18 Khel, DD Sports HD and Al Jazeera

Only downside is Sony Ten 4 is missing
buddy can you upoald picture of some channels I am also thinking of buying new hd connection so please upload picture of few sd and hd channel it would be helpful for me please upload some picture
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