Faq's And All Technical Details Of Tata Sky Mobile Recording Application

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After installing the app, what do I need to do to control my set-top box and TV?
In order to control the set-top box and TV you need to connect the MP3 Mobile accessory to your phone. For more information on how to buy the MP3 Mobile Accessory (click here). For information on how to use this accessory along with the app to enable the universal remote function

Why do I need the external hardware device?
The MP3 Mobile accessory translates audio signals from the phone, to infrared signals. This signal is used by remote controls to control Set-top boxes and other devices such as TV/ DVD and amplifiers. Since the infrared signal is dependent upon the audio signal, to maximize the infrared signal of the device, maximize the volume on the mobile device.

Can I use the App without the external device?
Definitely! If you don’t have the MP3 Mobile Accessory you can still use the app to browse programme listings, set your favourite programmes for recording and for sharing what what your watching with your friends.

I have the App and the external device but I cannot control my TV and Set-top box
If you cannot control the STB or TV, please verify the following:

a.The volume on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad should be maximized. While the app is running, verify that the volume slider is at the maximum level while the external device is plugged in.

b.During the app load process, if the volume level is not maximized, the slider will be shown on the loading splash screen. If you do not see the slider during the app load process, the volume is already maximized. The application cannot automatically maximize the volume due to limitations set by Apple on apps.
c.The sound should not be set to mono on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. This can be verified using the Settings App, in the General section in the Accessibility sub-section.
Make sure that the MP3Mobile accessory is plugged in properly. d.Ensure you have selected your TV from the settings.
Do I need Internet access to use Tata Sky Mobile Access Application?
Internet access is required during setup and configuration. In addition, you need the internet to be able to get up to date TV listings and share what you are watching with your friends.

Can I control TVs and Set-Top boxes outside my house?
Definitely. All you need to do is go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Manage Rooms.’ Choose a name for the other room you want to add. You can then choose your settings for the TV and other devices in the second room. In this manner, your original settings are not disturbed. The next time you want to use the application, select which room you are in, and the relevant settings will come into effect.

Are all versions of iPhones/ iPod Touch and iPad compatible with this app?
iPhone 3&4, iPad 1&2 and iPod Touch, running iOS 3.0 and above are compatible with this app.

Can I Use this app with my Android devices?
A version of this app for android devices will be launched shortly.

The EPG updates very slowly. How can I fix this?
The speed of EPG update depends on your phone’s Internet connectivity and speed.

Why is the MP3 mobile device not working with my Apple Device?
If your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch are manufactured in Europe the MP3 Mobile Accessory device will not work with it. European Guidelines stipulate the maximum volume any device can have, Apple complies with these guidelines. Devices manufactured in Europe have 17% less audio capabilities, this hinders the MP3 Mobile Accessory's ability to translate audio signals into Infra Red Signals that communicate with the Set-top Box/ TV and other devices.

We should shortly be launching another Mobile Accessory that will be compatible with Apple Devices manufactured in Europe.

Why can't I control my set-top box volume with the Tata Sky Mobile Access app?
The Tata Sky Mobile Access App offers Universal Remote functionality. The volume buttons on a universal remote are mapped to a single device set-top box/ TV/ amplifier etc.

In case of the Tata Sky Mobile Access app, the volume buttons can be mapped to TV or Amplifiers only. A TV/ Amplifier is required irrespective of whether the content is playing out from a set-top box or DVD player. Hence, the choice to map the volume buttons to the TV.

What is the maximum range for using the MP3 Mobile Accessory?
You can use the accessory at a range of 4-5 m from the set-top box, TV and other devices
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