Govt eases norms on use of satellite pix


7 Apr 2011
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Easing restrictions on the use and circulation of high-resolution satellite imagery, the government has decided to make remote sensing data and images up to one metre resolution freely available to anyone on demand. Previously, only images up to 5.8 metre resolution were available freely.

Government users, like ministries, research organisations, educational institutions or PSUs, would have access to even higher resolution data — those with resolutions greater than one metre — without going through any clearance mechanism. Private user agencies would be given access to these higher resolution imagery on the recommendation of at least one government ministry or department but only if they intend to use it for developmental projects or activities.

The new Remote Sensing Data Policy unveiled by the government on Tuesday is aimed at catering to a huge demand for high-resolution maps and images from a wide variety of user agencies both in the public and private sectors. Such data is required not only for urban development and infrastructure projects but also for laying down pipelines or telephone lines, for monitoring crop production and ensuring compliance of laws such as Coastal Regulation Zone guidelines.

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