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10 Dec 2011
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Found something I think DTH savvy members could use to understand what they should expect from their DTH provider.
I think dth sector is able to touch higher levels of features by technology and will be more intractive in coming days.
Yes jenit, future is fantastic for dth. There may be some new service addition in the future. Also do not forget someday bollywood movies will be premiered in dth on the same day along with theater premier. :sp
Most importantly customer satisfaction has to come first.
I think more value added services will come soon on dth platform, making it more interactive interface for the user .. :tup
More HD and 3D channels will also be added in Indian dth operators... :)
One of the key requirement or should I say best practices is that once a consumer buys (example) Airtel DTH card and STB, he can, after the expiry or before, choose to get a smartcard from (example) Dish DTH and continue using the same STB with minimal additional cost.(Interoperability) Just like SIM card and having your mobile.

In the PDF I posted, there is a complaint about how DTH companies force users to "pair" (exact word used) their smartcard to the STB and thereby restricting competition. This is one of the (inconclusive) conclusion by the court:
"The DG (Director General) considered all the above issues in detail and after completing the investigation submitted his supplementary report on 03.12.2009. It can be noticed from the supplementary report that the status of regulation in the sector vis-à-vis interoperability is such that although interoperability has always been desired by licensing authority, i.e., Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, the sector regulator, i.e., TRAI and standards setting body, i.e., Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), but it has never been achieved or enforced."
Well, 1 think i know for sure, DTH companies will be forced to unpair their smart cards, once all those small and big cable-walla's adopt digitization, or, there would be heavy, heavy loses !

See, for eg, i take an stb from a local cable walla, after 6 months i want to switch to dishTV, and I wcant coz my current stb wont work with dishTV. Also, If i am to buy a new stb, i will always check for universality of the stb, rather than operator specific hardware !
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