India DTH Services to beat US by 2012


30 Apr 2011
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US currently is the No 1 DTH market but a Media Partners Asia report says the six player domestic India DTH services will beat US by 2012 and emerge at the top.

Commenting on the findings of the report, Vivek Couto, MPA executive director told FE from Bali, Indonesia, “India remains Asia’s largest pay-TV market opportunity in which revenue, cost and capital expenditures are growing at an alarming rate due to various dynamics, including macro growth, competition and digitization. Encouragingly, revenue growth is trending at optimum levels due to a strong economy a buoyant advertising market and the rapid growth of DTH. Yet, such is the extent of competition, cost and fragmentation that profit margins remain low, even for market leaders.”

Interesting facts of this MPA report state:

India’s fast-growing DTH sector will overtake the US next year as the largest in the world with an active subscriber base of close to 42 million (up from 23 million in 2010) versus a projected customer base of 35 million in the US.
that's good news.

Also now all indian dth service providers growing rapidly.
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