Discussion The future of DTH services in India (2021 edition)


Ground Reality Is Entirely Different,

DTH Will Survive Very Well For Next 25 Years (They Have Such A Kind Of Plans)
Broadcaster will also need to bring exclusivity to satellite tv and OTT content. Keep tv content exclusive to tv airings. And OTT content for OTT platform. I watch only Sony's shows like KBC and The Kapil Sharma Show on TV. Despite having Sony Liv. Why you must ask? That's because Sony protects it's content. There is no way to watch it until the time of tv airing. This is how tv industry is working in US. They protect their tv channels and shows from being spoiled for those who haven't watched. Meanwhile if I had to watch to any Star, Colors or Zee's shows. I can watch hours before their tv airing on their respective OTT platforms Disney+ Hotstar, Voot and Zee5.
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I have created this thread to know your guys opinion about the futuristic world of dth on TV in coming 5-10 years,with the massive and booming growth of internet technology,ott and incoming 5G in India ,how players such as Tata sky ,Airtel digital TV and d2h ,dish TV like big dth brands would be able to surve.Are these dth brands would have a same fate as dth companies in developed countries such such as America direct TV dth or an another scenario?Indian dth market is collapsing with the advancement in internet.Pls give your suggestion in this thread,if you would be the owner of these dth brands of India then how you would be able save these companies in coming year in the time of technological era.
in my view future is intact for indian DTH companies for the next 10 -15 yrs.. they are not going anywhere until wireline broadband penetrate to a significant level. Let me expand with US e.g. - in US wireline BB penetrates around 85 - 90% of the households, even then around 70% of the HHs watch cable/DTH channels.. (Yes, these companies has been losing subscribers QoQ on account of cord cutting, but it still took almost 6 years to drop from 105 mn to 77 mn as per last quarter report). Secondly, it's cost saving to cut the cord - bcoz they pay anywhere btw $60 - $110 to cable/DTH companies to watch Paytv channels, while they can subscriber 2 - 3 OTT services for 1/3rd of the cost.
Now look at from India perspective - our wireline broadband is around 6 - 7% of the households, it is expected to each 40 - 50% by 2030 assuming several policy decision as per consultation paper on NDCP 2018 is implemented (refer TRAI website)
secondly, broadband ARPU in India is around Rs. 450/mth and add subscription charges from 2/3 OTT services - it will be more expensive then a basic Pay tv channels cost on Cable/DTH.
so in conclusion - OTT is for mobile handsets and Paytv is for living room Television set and this arrangement is converging as we speak but not at the pace we expect.
Guys, DTH will be here no matter 5G comes with super speed as feeling is totally different on DTH and for a family (3 gens at least) it is needed. Moreover, pls look around the world where already internet is there in 100% area, but still DTH is there like USA, Japan, and so on.... Yes with time, there will be changes...Just sitting and relaxing without thinking about internet speed or data with single remote and click of button will always work for DTH.
DTH will be there for at least next 25 year till at least 50% of households have BB connection. In future, also the subscription price of OTT will be increased and without any offer just like Netflix. The OTT are in early stage just because of that they are providing such offers or low subscription amount. I also feel that it will be expensive than DTH packages in future.

Personally I prefer to watch news and sports on DTH whereas movies on OTT platforms.
Dth is preferred over ott always in case of sports if u don't have high speed broadband as there's no buffering issue in dth & sports lovers need that.
So dth will survive
lots of coocking recipe and stove technology like gas, induction,microwave but all running well , internet not suitable for view tv program options will use variety of people , also you can see europe and america they have high speed internet but satellite channels choice of people , cant say stupid who are like watch tv in mobile phones
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