Is it possible to use Dish TV India DTH equipment to receive satellite channels apart

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18 Jul 2011
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I have Indian DishTV satellite DTH dish and Kaon Set top box.Is it possible to receive signals from satellites other than the dish tv satellite in India.How can I receive TV signals from the other satellites broadcasting over India using the DishTV equipment.

I am planning to buy Dish TV DTH in India. I would like to know from the people who are using Dish TV DTH India whether is it worth to buy at this point of time. I would like to know the quality of the service of DIsh TV DTH India and thier customer service. How far is the picture quality ? Will there be any problem in using the product Dish TV DTH in India. Please give me ur adivse and solutions whether shall i purchase Dish TV DTH India or not
well if you are using the new dish tv software then its not possible as it as locked other sats except dish tv signal but if you have not upgraded till now then it is excetly possible. and thanks dear for joining us :)
yes u can view fta channel from other satellites in kaon stb but need to old firmware in kaon stb . also u can change kaon stb firmware and use it to fta but in this condition u never use it on dish tv valid subscription Coz in firmware washing process dishtv box serial number washed for lifetime.

u can check it here :
Its just impossible to get it on New Kaon STB bcz its just completely updated dude.......
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