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Loved AR Rahman’s song Urvashi Urvashi? Now get ready for version 2.0


21 Jun 2013
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MTV unplugged is back with a brand new season, this year. It’s all set to take music entertainment to incredible heights by bringing together some of the most known names from Music in India. Along with this new season debuting on MTV on January 14, the show will also air on MTV’s brand new Bollywood music channel MTV BEATS. A double bonanza indeed. Too add to this excitement is another grand surprise. Our musical maestro AR Rahman will play a new rendition of his iconic song – Uravashi Urvashi for the first time ever on this show. Looks like this season is already going to be the best one of all.

Interestingly, AR Rahman has been crowd sourcing lyrics from the fans in this new version, that is he’s letting them contribute to the song “Urvashi Urvashi is a song made iconic by fans who find it as fresh today as it was when it first came out all those years ago. So this time, to give it a bit of twist, we decided to let fans recreate it with lyrics they wanted to hear. The most beautiful thing about art is that it belongs to everyone and crowdsourcing is a great way to get newer audiences to connect. It was a fabulous experience and what we’ve got is some interesting stuff filled with references to current events which is just as vibrant as the original one!” We will not only have a new version, but we will also hear lyrics that may just have been given by you and me. So in a way, AR Rahman is giving us our own song! Only this legend could have have come up with something like this. We aren’t surprised anymore when he manages to pull off such acts.

Today, AR Rahman completed the big 50. Wishes have been pouring in from across the world for this legend. His contribution to music is commendable, he’s truly a magician. Right from groovy number to soulful melodies to funky tunes, this composer has given us little bit of everything. Here’s wishing the icon who made us come alive through music, a very happy birthday!

Loved AR Rahman's song Urvashi Urvashi? Now get ready for version 2.0 - Bollywoodlife.com


4 Feb 2012
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So only this nonsense was left to post here,
Great going,
Time is very near for you,
Don't irritate me more.
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