Mrs Tendulkar brings the village to the city


22 Mar 2011
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It’s summer time in shows as well and Mrs Tendulkar on SAB will go off on a vacation bring some fun filled episodes for the viewers.

A source informs, “The kids want to go on an outing to spend their summer vacation and that is when they decide to visit their mama who lives in a village. However, in order to fulfill the demands of the children, all the bank employees demand leave which they do not get. The children lose heart and Suhaas Tendulkar is unable to see them sad. He comes up with the idea of recreating a village to help the children understand their daily life. All the adults help him in this, where in the morning, office-goers have to brush their teeth without a toothbrush and the children get involved in outdoor activities like playing gilli danda, feeding the cattle etc. It is a fun episode.”

Deven Bhojani (Mrs Tendulkar) says, “Living in a city like Mumbai, we have forgotten the simple and easy life of a village. This story-line literally took me back to childhood days, when I used to spend my vacations with family at my native place. People in the village live like one big family, which is hard to find in cities. We were in high spirits and thoroughly enjoyed shooting for this sequence and I am sure our audience is going to love the whole setup.”
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