New Cartoons Shows & Cartoons Movies Updates (all info about cartoon channels)

Netflix "Danger Mouse" coming soon in Telugu,Tamil kannada & Malayalam on Sun network kids channels,
Miraculous ladybug not dubbing in Tamil Telugu kannada and Malayalam on Disney channel india

Danger Mouse - would start airing from 12th August at 3:00 PM on Chutti TV ( Tamil audio feed)

Fukrey Boyz - new animated show would start airing on Cartoon Network India on Mon-Fri at 11:30 AM in Hindi , Kannada , Telugu ,Malayalam & Tamil

Batwheels - new animated series would air on Discovery Kids India on Saturdays & Sundays at 8:30 AM . they should also repeat airings at evening timings as well.
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The Pandavas - 3d animated series airs on Saturdays & Sundays at 10:30 AM on Discovery Kids India

Kanha- Morpankh Samrat - 2d animated series airs on Mon- Fri at 8:00 PM on Sonic Nickelodeon

Pinaki & Happy The bhoot Bandhus air on Mon - Fri at 2:00 PM on Sonic Nickelodeon


Marvel Spidey Friends - Mean Green - kids animated series would air on 19th August at 10:00 AM on Disney Jr. India
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