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31 Jul 2011
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I had just spoken with a dealer from coimbatore, he told a rocking offer for south silver cricket pack.
Set top box. 1250
1 month free s.silver cricket pack
after that we have to pay 85 rs p.m for 12 mths.
If any one wants pm me.
Actually the pack costs 135 pm. But we are paying only 85 pm.
We can take either tamil or malayalam as regional pack.
This thread is related to dish tv. Not dishtru hd. Wrongly posted. Mod pls move.
Guys it is Rs.70 pm for south silver cricket package with 12 tamil channels and 5 malayalam channels. i had sent mail to the dealer reg this.
He will reply here soon.
I am talking about this offer only.
he is the dealer, i contacted.
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