REQUEST: Any weird answer from airtel presence


14 Feb 2011
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Hi Members,
I am planning on writing a blog post on a few weird and wrong information provided by airtel presence to my queries via their twitter handle.If any member has had an experience where they were provided wrong information by Airtel Presence on Email,Twitter or FB or were told that they could not reach your number when the truth was they never called please post here ans PM me the details with The Screenshots of Email,F Post or Tweet concerned if any.I will be accepting information till Monday 6:00 Pm.
Any false promises or lack of service from airtel presence will do.
If any member has faced a joke answer or wrong answer from Airtel Presence please do share,we have to show them that customer is boss.
Starting supportive service is appreciable... My dish tv personal helpline also doing well.. Good step :tup
custom reply is ok as long as they take action after that i have gotten replies like "The extra price of the package is due to HD channels in the pack" this was when i asked the difference between magnum gold and magnum standard pack both of which were SD packages with same number of channels but different prices.
So if anyone else faced such answers then please d post here preferably with SS of Email,tweet,DM or FB wall post etc
Even i am looking into the possibility of a Airtel Digital Tv helpline.
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