DDF Exclusive Review of my D2H HD after almost one year of usage


7 Apr 2012
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1. Pros according to me:

A. 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound in Bengali HD Channels.
B. Free preview of 10 minutes each day for most of the channels. It includes active services too.
C. All major Bengali channels present.
D. Excellent customer service.
E. Bengali HD combos starting from Rs.106 p.m. including GST.
F. Presence of Ruposhi Bangla.
G. All major Hindi news channels.
H. Active services specially Movies Active HD.
I. Easy pack changing process through app.
J. Three days additional service upon end of recharge.
K. Great pic quality specially HD.
L. Maximum regional content.
M. Frequent channel additions.
N. Regional language support in customer care.
O. Bengali channels with all most all combos.
P. No unwanted deductions.
Q. Presence of 1Sports channel.
R. Remote is friendly.
S. Finally, most importantly did not need to call cc executive for any hardware issue or channel freezing which I had to do continuously in my last days of sun direct.
T. KKW weekend offers.

2. Cons according to me:

A. No Bengali Movie on Demand.
B. No live Darshan from Temples of India.
C. No Radio channels.
D. NCF charges quite expensive. No reduction in NCF charges.
E. TV9 Bangla, R Plus News, Star Sports 1 Bangla not there.
F. Very less international channels.
G. Because of high NCF charges + GST the total pack price becomes too high unlike my previous DTH Sun Direct.
H. MH One Shraddha is not available.
I. No regional content in active services except Punjabi & Telugu.
J. All DD Free Dish channels are not present.
K. Price of active services per month too expensive.
L. Non presence of any paid English news and sports channels in low priced regional combos.
M. Sansad TV HD still not added.
N. Non presence of any Bangladeshi channels unlike Dish TV, DD Free Dish.

After I joined three Bengali channels were added:
1. CTVN AKD Plus
2. Calcutta News
3. R Bangla.
Good additions I must say.

Overall marks by me: 8 out of 10. Would have given 9 if NCF charges would have reduced.
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