DDF Exclusive Tata Play Binge+ STB received Android 11 OS software update

Spoke To Airtel Person About Release Of Google TV Or Android 11

He Said Definitely Not Now, Will Announce,

But When Asked About Tata Play Have Released ATV 11,

He Says It's Not Actual ATV 11 And If Box Shows ATV 11 That Doesn't Mean It Got ATV 11 Features,,,

If Possible Get Details From Tata Play What Are The Changes They Have Bought??

@mmadhankumar @Siva
To hide their weakness obviously they will say but tp binge+ new software is Android 11 only..
It is a classic example of creating confusion in customer mind ...imagine you go to a samsung store and while buying you start saying LG has this and that feature, obviously to counter the same he will say if LG is giving that feature then definitely it's not feature
Anybody see this HLG in Travelex 4K channel.
I used to get the same bro even before update but I never watched that channel more than 10 mins as box become very laggy and in the video there is some stutters
@dino29 Seeking Your View

Anna , i do not have no information regarding this. Still i think all the XStream box models which r compatible with technical requirements and features of Android 11 software will get software update for the same in near future
The problem is still repeating restarting the box solves the problem but again and again its happening 🥲
How long does the issue last???

Upon restart the issue gets solved ?
Does the issue gets solved on its own without restarting ???
Does No Signal issue occur for channels on GSAT 10 or GSAT 30 or both ???

Do factorty reset from android settings => device preferences => About => Factory Reset and not from STB Settings => System Settings => Reset and see if that helps.

Also do heavy refresh and check. I guess issue is with STB itself and not LNB.
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