Tata Sky H Polarity signal dissappear every evening around 19:00 o'clock.

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He probably has a faulty box or using some illegal technique with a hacked box to view paid channels and the box is not working. Tata play box does not allow you to see actual tp data or which tp is in horizontal frequency or vertical in their stb.

You can only see this tp data on an fta box. And one cannot view any paid channels on fta box.
So best solution is to call tataplay and get them to rectify the issue. If I am paying for a service and it's not working, I would get tataplay to send a technician and fix it.
I think he is from kazakhstan as per his profile. Thats only he is facing the issue.
I think he is from kazakhstan as per his profile. Thats only he is facing the issue.
Yes that's the only condition which would affect the signal reception based on the time of day. Even users who unofficially use Indian DTH service in the Middle East face this issue.
Indian DTH satellites have a footprint which covers the length and breadth of the entire country at any time of the day but for regions outside India the signal reception will be present only for few hours a day.
Some satellites which have an even wider coverage footprint may cover neighbouring countries more efficiently like Gsat 24 has a much wider footprint so maybe once it is officially commissioned @Mgla89 will get the signal throughout the day even in Kazakhstan.
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