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Tata Sky+ HD FAQs


9 Feb 2011
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What is Tata Sky+ HD service?
Tata Sky+ HD is a new-age service that provides personal video recorder technology along with high definition clarity to give you the power to control your TV viewing experience like never before.

With Tata Sky+ HD you can:
record your favourite programme/ movie in high definition
watch one programme while you record another
set your favourite daily soap for recording only once and it will get recorded automatically everyday
pause live TV
rewind live TV

What is the hard disk capacity on the digicomp?
The hard disk capacity is 500 GB.

Tell more about the recording functionality
You can record up to 625 hours of live TV with Tata Sky+ HD. At the press of a button, you have the flexibility to:

record one channel while you watch another channel
record two channels simultaneously while you watch one of the channels being recorded
record two channels simultaneously while you watch a previously recorded programme
record a TV series automatically
You can playback the recorded programme at any time convenient to you.

What is the series link feature?
If you want to record all episodes of a programme back-to-back, you don’t need to set individual recordings for each episode. Just set a ‘series link’ for the programme after you set the programme for recording. This will ensure that all episodes of the programme get automatically recorded. You can now play back all the episodes at a time to convenient to you.

How can I playback a programme that I have recorded?
Press ‘plan’ on your Tata Sky+ HD remote to view a list of all programmes that have already been recorded or are currently recording or are set for future recording. Select the programme you want to playback from this list.

What are the benefits of the pause live TV feature?
Very often, while you are watching your favourite programme on TV and you may be interrupted by a phone call. With the Tata Sky+ HD pause live TV feature, you can now pause the programme that you are watching, answer the phone call and resume watching from where you left off. This way, you can answer the phone and still ensure that you don’t miss even a minute of the programme you are watching.

What are the benefits of the rewind live TV feature?
Often, you might miss a crucial dialogue while watching a movie on Star Movies, HBO or any other channel. You would like to watch it again, but you can’t. That situation is now passé. With the Tata Sky+ HD rewind live TV feature, you can rewind live TV anytime to watch the dialogue you missed again and again.

What will happen to my recorded programmes when the hard disk is full?
Tata Sky+ HD allows you to manage recordings in three modes – Automatic, Warning and Manual. Automatic modes is the default setting. In this mode, recorded programmes will be deleted automatically when there is insufficient disk space to record new programmes. Tata Sky+ HD will first delete recorded programmes that you have previously watched, followed by recorded programmes that you have not watched.

Warning mode presents you with a warning screen when the disk is full. You can choose to delete recordings to free up disk space. If you do not delete old recordings, Tata Sky+ HD automatically deletes the recordings as stated in Automatic Mode.

In Manual mode, the recording stops when the disk space runs low; no warning is displayed. It is up to you to ensure that unwanted recordings are regularly deleted to make space available for new recordings.

Can I ensure that specific programmes are not deleted when Tata Sky+ HD is automatically deleting content from the hard disk?
Yes, you can save a programme from deletion by using the PIN protect feature. Tata Sky+ HD will not automatically delete any programme that has been PIN protected. To lock and delete such programmes you will need to enter a PIN.

Can I transfer all the recorded programmes on my hard disk to another device like a DVD/ VCR?
No. You will not be able to transfer the recordings stored on your Tata Sky+ HD digicomp to any other electronic device.

Can I regulate what my children watch on TV?
Yes. You can regulate what your children watch with the parental control feature. This unique feature allows you to lock movies based on parental ratings or even an entire channel. Press ‘organiser’ button on your remote and select parental control to use this feature.

What is guide?
With the guide you can find out what’s playing on any channel up to 4 days in advance. You can also set reminders and recordings for 100 programmes that you wish to watch. You can also get synopses for programmes by highlight the programme in guide and pressing ‘i’ on your Tata Sky+ HD remote.

What other special features does Tata Sky+ HD offer?


This feature allows you to set a reminder for your favourite programmes up to 4 days in advance, ensuring you never miss a beat of your favourite show again.


You can set up to 20 channels in the order of your preference as a part of your favourites list.
Search & Scan Banner

This feature allows you to find out what’s playing on another channel without changing the channel you are watching.

The banner appears at the base of the television screen without interfering with what you are watching and disappears automatically after giving you the schedule of programmes across all channels.

You can also set a reminder for a programme or set a programme for recording from the search & scan banner.

How do I know about all the features and how to use them?
Please refer to the Tata Sky+ HD user manual or press ‘organiser’ on your remote, then choose User Guide under the services menu. You can also call the Tata Sky helpline.

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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Tata Sky+ HD Is now in market................
Very nice stb..................
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