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Tata Sky is Experimenting with Aspect Ratio of NHK World TV


11 Aug 2013
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I have noticed since today that Tata Sky is playing with the aspect ratio of newly added channel "NHK World TV".

When it was added, the aspect ratio was 4:3 with black bars on top and bottom but today Tata Sky changed its aspect ratio to 21:9 or similar which is also used to telecast "Al Jajeera" channel which looks like the screen has been zoomed out or stretched horizontally.

But there is some glitch. Sometimes the aspect ratio of "NHK World TV" channel is 4:3 and sometimes 21:9 without black bars.

Either its an issue at Tata Sky side or they are experimenting something.

If you watch the channel for at least 30 minutes or 1 hour, you'll notice the change in aspect ratio.

I have checked it several times today.

I cant understant it! If all newly added International channels are showing in proper 16:9 ratio, then why Tata Sky is experimenting with aspect ratio of NHK World TV only?

N.K raj

16 Jul 2014
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Why yaar aap har bar aur har jagah aspect ratio ka rona Kyo ro rahe ho.

Sorry for Hindi.....


30 Mar 2014
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Dude I m seeing NHK WORLD in my TCCL HD CONNECTION for over an year now. I can tell you that it's issue from broadcaster n not from TS. I AM also using TS TRANSFER HD BOX.

Don't every as NHK world is broadcasting from its HD feed Sometimes n Sometimes from Normal feed.

I still though agree with you for Al Jazeera. The aspect in TS is not correct n it's looks awful in HD TVs.


11 Aug 2013
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^^ Thats weird. But good to see TS is not doing it on purpose.

But I'm sad to see the messed up telecasting of Al Jazeera channel on TS. They should telecast it in proper 16:9 ratio as other International channels. :)

Anish Pai

1 May 2011
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on my digital cable all international channel like:

Russia Today
Al Jazeera
France 24
DW tv
NHK World
TV5 Monde

All these have 16:9 aspect ration and they are full screen.
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