Seeking Help Tatasky + HD PVR - Unable to Record Series in certain channels


25 Jul 2021
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I own a very old Tatasky + HD PVR from the days of its launch in India, still working well to meet the requirements of my mother's appetite who keeps struggling to maintain the Free Disk space @ around 1 to 2% on a daily basis since owning it.

In this journey, we've been facing certain issues and would like to know if there's a work-around to the below mentioned problems;
(i) No Series record option available for Free to Air channels, even for programs that repeat on all weekdays at a fixed time.
(ii) "No Information provided" being displayed in the Schedule while scrolling down in some channels.
(iii) Signal Quality is always around 30 to 50 for both lines.
The new U.I on the Tataplay is getting worser by the day..
We can't view upcoming programs beyond 1 hour in the new update(earlier it was 24 hours)
This is a problem for people who record certain programs in the morning where series option isn't enabled.
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