18 Jul 2011
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Does any one on this forum have any idea on how to use the USB port provided in the ADTV HD STB? I called CC and as usual they said they have no idea on why it has been provided. However when I insisted that I need the technical details, a technician called me and told me that they will provide a firmware update at a later point which will help us in using the STB. Again there were no time lines provided by him for the firmware upgrade.
dear raj its for future use when thru usb u will b able to upgrade software urself as well as connect usb to watch videos. right now it can b used to charge mobile etc.
All the STBs (SD & HD) have the USB port, meant for software upgradation. It is not used till date, but it will be used in future.
well in dvr stb's the option for usb is for transfer and sw update meance both porpuse but in sd stb's its only for sw update but its not working be tata sky is coming with this option first with working soon but don't have any idea in adtv.
Need usb driver For Connect With pc & it is not available in market .Service Center use usb port for Software update Coz they have usb Driver .
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