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Videocon d2h Launched 4K Ultra HD STB


28 Sep 2013
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What is 4K Ultra HD DTH service

4K TV also known as Ultra HD, is the next revolution in the world of television where the quality of the images is 4 times that of HD TV. A 4K TV image is 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, more than 8 million pixels in total, which is four times the number in Full HD (1,920 x 1,080).

It is so detailed that the picture almost feels 3D - and you won't need special glasses to watch it. In fact, having the 4k feature will redefine your TV-viewing experience.

In actual terms, it means watching TV as if you are watching a real life image. The images are sharper, the textures are clearer and the colours are amazing. Whether it is watching a sports channel or a wildlife documentary, watching it on 4k takes the experience to the next level.

SS Here :



Dream Pro
1 May 2014
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is it a dvr box


1 Jul 2014
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Finally d2h using Cisco software in 4k stb...hope they do the same for other stbs
23 Dec 2014
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bro....y they have launched this new technology when users still facing problems in old ones
pq n aq is not good at all......first they should have worked on that rather than launching new things

n wat is the guarantee that people who ll purchase dis won't get any problem
we all know how bad d2h's softwares are?
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