Who is going to use g-sat 8 satellite ?


31 Jul 2011
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DD direct to stay on insat 3a.
Moving it to G-Sat 8 at 55.0°E will be a big problem for viewers who cannot align dishes on their own.

Then who is going to use Gsat 8 satellite ?
Tatasky or videocon ? or any other dth services.
For any dth service, if any dish allignment change takes place it is conveyed through their service channel.... For dish tv it is like that... no idea abt other dth services.. may be the same procedure is followed... Regarding viewers who are into professional side of having their own set up, they have to manage the same themselves...
@offtopic : Regarding allignment due to satellite variations, dish tv doesnt take any charge....
@offtopic : dish tv has not provided any news on channel 999.. regarding it... if any such allignment change will be there in dish tv range they provide on dish buzz @channel no : 999.... No idea apart from that.... :huh
No No i know dish tv is not using. Because they have enough space in asiasat5.

Only tatasky or videocon has chance.
Because airtel has already in ses7.
You can get feedback from tata sky and videocon users... if any change in allignment etc, im sure subscribers will be informed.... :huh
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