Dish TV and D2H’s Box Service Plan now costs Rs 120

Both the DTH operators initially offered the box service plan at Rs 99 excluding taxes for a year.

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Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator Dish TV had last year in July end introduced a box service plan aimed at offering its customers an extended warranty on set-top boxes through an add-on plan. Dish TV’s sister company D2H had followed footsteps and launched the same for D2H customers in October 2020.

Both the DTH operators initially offered the box service plan at Rs 99 excluding taxes for a year. The operators have now revised the pricing of their box service plans with a Rs 21 hike. Dish TV and D2H customers opting for the box service plan will now have to shell up Rs 120 excluding taxes.

After 18 percent GST, the box service plan earlier amounted to Rs 116.82 whereas now the box service plan costs Rs 141.6. After including taxes the hike amounts to around Rs 25 for Dish TV and D2H customers.

For the unversed, the box service plan offers Dish TV and D2H customers the ability to have an extended 1-year warranty on their set-top boxes subject to terms and conditions. The plan can only be availed after the expiry of the primary warranty period subject to the verification of the set-top box is in a functional state. The verification will be done by the engineers of Dish Infra.

For defective set-top boxes, the repair cost will be borne by the customers before the DTH company allows the subscriber to opt for the box service plan. The box service plan allows Dish TV and D2H customers to get refurbished set-top box free of cost given it turns faulty during the contract period subject to the customer paying up for the technician visit.

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