I&B Ministry cancels TV Channel license of ‘Paras City Pulse’

I&B Ministry cancels TV Channel license of ‘Paras City Pulse’

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The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) on Thursday updated its permitted satellite TV channels database with the cancellation of ‘Paras City Pulse’ license. The Ministry’s cancelled TV licenses database however is currently unavailable which has kept the reason for the cancellation of license unknown.

I&B Ministry cancels TV Channel license of

The date of cancellation is also currently unknown due to the same. City Pulse was granted the license by the I&B Ministry back in 2009 to operate a Non-News channel operating in Hindi.

The Ministry has separately allowed ‘Thendrel’ to switch to GSAT-10 from GSAT-30 while also changing its teleport from ‘Planetcast Media Services Limited’ to ‘Tata Communications Limited’.

The Ministry has also allowed the allowed I Plus TV to change its teleport from ‘Skyline Tele Media Services Limited’ to ‘Planetcast Media Services Limited’.

Separately, in other news MIB has recently cancelled the license of National Geographic Tamil, National Geographic Telugu, and Frontier TV. It has separately renamed ‘All Time’ to ‘Siri Kannada All Time‘ while the license of HBN has been cancelled.

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