Exclusive first look at Jio Fiber IPTV set-top box without RF cable input

DreamDTH was the first to showcase Jio hybrid set-top box last month, which was a dual technology platform where live Tv was being provided through RF input by Jio’s partner multi-system operators (MSOs) and their affiliated local cable operators (LCOs) and video on demand (VoD) was being provided over ethernet or wifi connection through Jio Fiber broadband. DreamDTH now brings its readers the exclusive first look at Jio Fiber IPTV STB without RF input.

Jio pure IP STB with remote, Ethernet wire and power adapter.

The STB is black in colour and has the Jio branding, it looks like the Roku Ultra smart streaming box. The back panel of the set-top box has an RJ45 port for Ethernet wire to connect it to Jio Fiber Modem (The box can connect to the Jio Fiber modem cum router over wifi as well). There is an HDMI port to connect the STB to the Tv set. There is a USB port which could possibly be used to connect a webcam with built-in mic for video calls. A 3.5 mm audio out jack and a 12V DC power input port are also present. There is no RF input port for DTH or Cable connection.

Jio fiber STB back panel

The about device reveals its model name as IPSetTopBox with a kernel version dated September 2019. It runs on a forked version of Android 7 with an outdated security patch of December 2018 and is not based on Android Tv and lacks the google play store, the only source for installing new apps is the Jio store. At the moment Jio Tv app for viewing Live Tv channels is not available in the STB but it may come through future updates.

The STB has an internal storage capacity of 5GB and has the ability to attach an external USB drive to increase storage capacity. It does not have built-in Chromecast or support Google assistant. Here we are showcasing only the device hardware along with its tech-specs. For a detailed review of this device’s user interface and app ecosystem, check out our article Jio IPTV STB interface through images.

The remote has a voice command control feature and a dedicated recording button. The channel buttons indicate that live Tv channels will be available soon. It has a universal remote function to control your Tv but the number of configurable buttons is not known.

The remote pairs with the set-top box over Bluetooth. One simply has to hold the remote close to the STB and press any button on the remote and a message on the Tv screen will confirm that the pairing was successful. Though the STB is Bluetooth enabled it cant be used to connect it with Bluetooth headsets, mouse or any other accessories.

Jio had clarified in its annual general meeting that Jio Fiber would provide Live Tv services exclusively through its MSO partners and their affiliated LCOs. The previous hybrid STB that we had showcased was in line with that announcement. This new pure IP based STB which has been installed in Chennai indicates that Jio may, in fact, provide IPTV services for Live Tv in areas where it doesn’t have MSO and LCO partners.

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vasu tandon
vasu tandon

we cannot run netflix also we cannot connect bluetooth earphones what is the use of getting it when we can use limited facilities

Biswadeep Mondal
Biswadeep Mondal

Things are sometimes quite unpredictable with Jio, there used to be something as Jio Media Cable which was supposed to work with JioPhone and stuff, several unboxing and reviews also came out but it’s sad Jio never ever launched it commercially. Hope same doesn’t happen with settop boxes too.

Arasu Kannagi Basil

Zee MD Punit Goenka had in 2017 publicly said that their deal with Jio doesn’t allow mirroring of the content on TV. Broadcaster opposition to Jio Media Cable might be the reason.