Living Foodz and Living Foodz HD to rebrand as ‘Zee Zest’ and ‘Zee Zest HD’

Zee Entertainment is all set to rebrand its food and lifestyle channel ‘Living Foodz’ and ‘Living Foodz HD’ into ‘Zee Zest’ and ‘Zee Zest HD’ that will more or less mark the end for ZEELs ‘Living’ brand with ‘Living Foodz’ being the lone channel currently available on major distribution platforms under the aforesaid brand.

Living Foodz and Living Foodz HD to rebrand as 'Zee Zest' and 'Zee Zest HD'

Zee Entertainment today notified a new Reference Interconnection Offer (RIO) effective 1st October 2020 mandated due to the name change of its two channels namely ‘Living Food’ and ‘Living Foodz HD’ to ‘Zee Zest’ and ‘Zee Zest HD’ respectively.

The channel is likely to rebrand post 1st October 2020 shedding its ‘Living’ brand and adopting ‘Zee’ brand. ZEEL had earlier this month registered the trademark for ‘Zee Zest’ and ‘Zee Zest HD’ post which it seems to have applied for the renaming of the license.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) seems have to given the green light for renaming of ZEEL’s existing ‘Living Foodz’ and ‘Living Foodz HD’ license to ‘Zee Zest’ and ‘Zee Zest HD’. The same is however yet to reflect on the Ministry’s database.

The rebrand of ‘Living Foodz’ will leave ‘Living Travelz’ as the lone channel from ZEEL’s stable having the ‘Living’ brand. The channel however is not available on major distribution platforms and could likely be done away with as and when ZEEL gets to push a new Reference Interconnection Offer. ZEEL had last year dropped ‘Living Zen’ from its rate card.

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24 days ago

Nice.By Doing This,I Think They Are Going To Up Their Game In Lifestyle Genre.I Think They Will Now Focus More On This Channel Than Before.Hope They Bring New Seasons Of MasterChef Australia In Hindi After S7 & S8.

The Unhappy Penguin
The Unhappy Penguin
Reply to  Anonymous
24 days ago

Should have gone with Zee Lifestyle instead.

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