MIB cancels 3 MSO licenses in August-September

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) in the month of August and September cancelled the license of 3 Multi-System Operators (MSOs) due to the nonpayment of requisite fees. Out of the three licenses that have been cancelled two of them were done in August while the latest one has been cancelled over a fortnight ago in mid-September.

The Ministry cancelled the MSO license of Digital Media News and Mahiyariya Ajitbhai Rambhai on 6th August due to the non-payment of the requisite processing fee of Rs. One Lakh for grant of MSO registration. The latter was also penalized for the non-submission of documents.

Separately in September, the Ministry ended up cancelling the license of Kutch for the aforesaid reason only. The Ministry’s list of cancelled MSO registrations states “Application Cancel on 15.09.2020 due to nonpayment of requisite processing fee of Rs. One Lakh for grant of MSO registration and non-submission of documents”, as the reason for its cancellation.

The Ministry had in July cancelled the license of DDNK Media Pvt Ltd, Ravi Digitals, Sri Ram Digital Cable Network, and BBN News for the same reason.

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