ZEEL launches its first lifestyle channel ‘Zee Zest’

The channel has a content lineup cross-cutting across food, travel, lifestyle, home, improvement, wellness, culture, and DIY to enable you to UNLIMIT Life from your armchair.

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Zee Entertainment today launched its first lifestyle channel ‘Zee Zest’ which went live at the stroke of midnight with the rebranding of ‘Living Foodz’ that has made way for the new lifestyle channel. The channel has a content lineup cross-cutting across food, travel, lifestyle, home, improvement, wellness, culture, and DIY to enable you to UNLIMIT Life from your armchair.

The channel will bring original shows like 100% South Indian, India’s 50 Best Dishes, Ghar Sa Yummy – Swaad Familywala, Food Veda, and Meetha toh Banta hain with desi stars and celebrity chefs including Chef Kunal Kapur.

Zee Zest will also bring highly popular global shows like MasterChef USA Junior Season 5, MasterChef Australia – Season 9, Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Season 5, and Jaime: Keep Cooking & Carry On, and Far Flung with Gary Mehigan.

ZEEL had last month amended its Reference Interconnect Offer mandated due to the name change of ‘Living Foodz’ and ‘Living Foodz HD’ to ‘Zee Zest’ and ‘Zee Zest HD’. Zee Zest is available at an a-la-carte price of Rs 1 while Zee Zest will be available at an a-la-carte price of Rs 10 as earlier.

Both the channels will be available in your packages in case you had ‘Living Foodz’ or ‘Living Foodz HD’ part of your DPO curated package or self-curated package. Zee Zest and Zee Zest HD are beaming across major DTH and cable TV platforms already since the stroke of midnight and will also be available on ZEEL’s digital and mobile entertainment platform ZEE5.

 “Zee Zest is the promise of a new tomorrow with taking charge of life and experiencing newer journeys and amazing stories. Our carefully curated international shows and India originals will be an escape from the regular, a path to your aspirations, a catalyst to UNLIMIT the horizon of your experiences. The diverse content across sub-genres with a homegrown appeal will entertain, lead to discovery, and will liven up every moment of the viewer with the intent to UNLIMIT Life itself. We hope to inspire our audiences to take up their own journeys of joy, creativity and breaking boundaries by adding Zest to their lives”

Mr. Amit Nair, Business Head, Zee Zest

Mr. Amit Shah, Cluster Head – North, West & Premium Channels, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited says, “ZEE has always created strong curated brands that cater to the diverse entertainment needs of the consumer. We have been market leaders with our offerings, the pioneers in setting trends when it comes to content creation. Zee Zest’s unique proposition of offering an enhanced experience with a TV & digital presence ensures we engage with our viewers across all relevant touchpoints and are also able to provide more value to the advertisers with platform agnostic solutions. Zee Zest will capture the consumers’ mind space by offering the best of lifestyle content with shows that not only entertain but educate and add value to our viewers’ lives.”

The channel will have a 360-degree platform and will reach the audience via linear and digital platforms with the social media platform providing means to ensure TV brings interesting content. The web platform and events will have a two-way communication channel between the audience and the brand.

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