MIB cancels Janasri and NT7 satellite TV license

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) today updated its database with the cancellation of two satellite TV licenses belonging to Cinema 24*7 Private Limited and Yash Broadcasting Industries Private Limited.

The Ministry has cancelled the license of Janasri and NT7 today which have been marked as ‘Not Required’ by the Ministry as the reason for the cancellation.

NT7 license belonged to Cinema 24*7 Private Limited which was granted the license on 25th August 2017 to operate the ‘Non-News’ channel.

Janasri license belonged to Yash Broadcasting Industries Private Limited which was granted the license on 23rd June 2010 to operate the ‘News’ channel. The number of cancelled TV channels is now at 320 according to the Ministry’s database.

The Ministry recently cancelled the license of 9XO and Athyameetra TV. It separately renamed Holidayz to ‘Bflix+ Pen Studios’ and granted a new TV license to ‘Popcorn Movies.’

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