MIB suspends 277 MSO registrations in April 2022

I&B Ministry suspended 277 MSO registrations in April 2022. In May 2022, the suspension of 2 MSO was revoked.

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The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) suspended the MSO registration of hundreds of MSOs in April 2022. As per the Ministry’s permitted registered MSOs list, the MSO registrations of around 277 MSOs were suspended on 8th April 2022.

The Ministry hasn’t publicly stated the reason behind the suspension of the MSO registrations on a large scale.

  1. Adhithiya Digital Communication
  2. Advance Multisystem Broadband Communications Ltd.
  3. AJK T.V
  4. Alfa Cable Prop. Nikhil Pravinchandra Shah
  5. All Digital Networks India Ltd.
  6. Amoga Digital Netcom Pvt. Ltd
  7. APK Networks
  8. Arasan TV & Cable Network
  9. Asad Cable Network
  10. Ashraf Brothers
  11. Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd.
  12. Asiant Network Pvt. Ltd
  13. B.N.B Cable Network
  14. Balaji Cable Network
  15. Bargachh Digital Communication Network Pvt. Ltd.
  16. Basanta Cable TV Network
  17. Bhadgaon Vision
  18. Bharat Cable Network (Prop. Roshan Ali)
  19. Bharath Digital Vision LLP
  20. Bharatheeya Cable Vision Ltd,
  21. Bhawaani Digital Vision H
  22. Bigwave Master Channel
  23. Brightway Cable & Datacom Pvt. Ltd
  24. But Bhavani Cable Network
  25. C K Cable Network Pvt. Ltd.
  26. C32 Cable Net Pvt. Ltd.
  27. City TV
  28. CO TV
  29. Cossco Communication Limited
  30. Cowa Digital Cable Net Private Limited
  31. CTV Network
  32. Dabang Duniya Publication Pvt. Ltd.
  33. Dastak Digital Cable Vision
  34. Dharamraj Cable Network
  35. Diamond Cable Network (Jubin Khan A. Bashid Khan,Prop.)
  36. Digi Home Cable Entertainment India private limited
  37. Digi Vishal Kanpur Network Pvt.Ltd
  38. Digirevo Network Pvt. Ltd
  39. Digital Infotainment Pvt. Ltd.
  40. Digital Nucleus Network Communications Pvt. Ltd.
  41. Dinesh Cable Networks
  42. Durga City Cable Network
  43. Ekta Cable Network
  44. Elegant Digital Cable Pvt. Ltd
  45. Entertainment T V Club (Prop. S Karthigey)
  46. F.K. Cable T.V. Network
  47. Faction Digital Private Limited
  48. Friends Cable Network
  49. Friends Digee Com Private Limited
  50. Future Digital Infotainment Private Limited
  51. Gadarwara Cable Network
  52. Galaxy Digital
  53. Ganga Media Group
  54. Garvit Digital Services Private Limited
  55. Hari Sai Communication Networks
  56. Harika Cable Vision
  57. Hi Tech Digital
  58. Him Cable & Broadband (Prop: Narender Pandit)
  59. Honey Digi- Tel Infra Private.Ltd.
  60. INB Telecast Pvt. Ltd.,
  61. India On Demand Service Pvt. Ltd.
  62. Infiniti Television & Telecom Pvt. Ltd.
  63. Island Cable Network (Prop. Anu Vijaykumar)
  64. J. TV Cable Network Pvt. Ltd
  65. Jagjeet Cable TV Network
  66. Jayam Cables
  67. Kaizen Digital Cable Services Pvt. Ltd.
  68. Kamban Digital Private Limited
  69. Kanchi Satellite Network
  70. Karuvai Communication LLP
  71. King Digital Network LLP
  72. Krissh Digital Networks (Prop. Julius Abraham)
  73. KTV Network (Prop. Darshan Arora)
  74. Lakshita Digital Pvt. Ltd.
  75. Kulasekharam Television Network Pvt. Ltd
  76. Laxmi Cable TV Network (Prop. Vishwa Dev Singh)
  77. Linkmen Services Pvt. Ltd.
  78. Lucky Cable Vision
  79. M.R. Murali
  80. Madhu Cable Network
  81. Madhu Entertainment Network (Prop. Madasu Madhukar)
  82. Madura Cables
  83. Mahalaxmi Cable Network
  84. Maharaja Telesystems Private Limited
  85. Mahaveer Netlink Digital Cable Private Ltd.
  86. Mahendra Cable TV Network
  87. Mahesh Star Vision (Prop. Mahesh Bomedwar)
  88. Mahesh Star Vision (Prop. MMalayora Digital Cable Vision Private Ltd.
  89. Manisai Master Cable Network
  90. Maxx Digi Net
  91. Meghbela Infitel Cable & Broadband Private Limited
  92. Micro Multivision
  93. Mohith Sai Cable Network
  94. Mplex Networks Pvt. Ltd.
  95. Multitech Digital Services Pvt. Ltd.
  96. N. Nagarajan
  97. Naigra City Cable
  98. Nathan Digital Communication Pvt. Ltd.
  99. National Cable TV Nilgiris
  100. Navatha Cable TV Network
  101. Nayan Cable Network
  102. Netsky News (p) Ltd.
  103. Netvision Elegant Networks Pvt. Ltd.
  104. New Mewar Vision (Prop. Salim Shaikh)
  105. Next Digital
  106. Nilgiri Digital Services Pvt. Ltd.
  107. Noida Software Technology Park Limited
  108. Om Cable Network
  109. Om Sai Krupa Vishvadarshan
  110. Operator digital Tamilnadu Pvt. Ltd.
  111. Palani Cable TV Digital Network
  112. Pallava Network
  113. Paul Cable Operator
  114. Periyakumal City Cable
  115. Prabhat Cable Network (Prop. Mahendrasinh Gambhirsinh Solanki)
  116. R . Rathinamala
  117. R K Network
  118. Rajan Cable Network (Prop. Rahul Rajan Jadhav)
  119. Raju Digital Cable Network (Prop. Raj Kumar Rawat)
  120. Ramji Cable Network
  121. S K Cable network
  122. S K Cable Network
  123. S S Cable Network (Prop. Mangesh G Walanj)
  124. S.Digital & Datacom Services
  125. S.R.K Satellite Digital cable Network Pvt. Ltd.
  126. Sagar E Technologies
  127. Saharas Entertainments Pvt. Ltd.
  128. Sai Digital Services
  129. Sai riddhi Cable Network (Prop. Pandurang Lahanba Said)
  130. Sakthi Sat Vision
  131. Sam Digital Cable Network
  132. Samanta Cable TV Network (Prop: Chandan Samanta)
  133. Sangli Media Services Pvt. Ltd.
  134. Sasi Creations
  135. See Television Network
  136. Shana Satellite Vision & TTN
  137. Shirdi Sai Digital Network Pvt. Ltd.
  138. Shiv Digitek Network
  139. Shiv Shakti Satellite
  140. Shiv Shakti Satellite (Prop. Niruba Yogendrasinh Zala)
  141. SHR Digital Networks Pvt. Ltd.
  142. Shreeram Star Vision
  143. Shri Balaji Cable Network (Prop. Ajeet Yadav)
  144. Siddartha Multi Channel Systems
  145. Siti Vision
  146. SKM Satellite Network Pvt. Ltd.
  147. Skyarc Communication Pvt. Ltd.
  148. Skynel Digital Network
  149. Skywalk Digital Network Pvt.Ltd.
  150. SLNS Communications
  151. SR Media (Prop. Rohit Sethi)
  152. SRE Digital Communication
  153. Sri Chakra Cable System
  154. Sri Kanakadurga Communications & Industries
  155. Sri Maruthi Digitals Pvt. Ltd
  156. Sri Raghav G GTPL
  157. Sri Sai Digital Communications
  158. Sri Sai Kalyan Tandur Communications
  159. Sri Sai Spandana Digital Communications
  160. Sri Sumangali Enterprises
  161. Sri Vaishnavi Communication
  162. Sun Cable Vision
  163. Sun Satellite System
  164. Surya Digital Broadcastings
  165. Systematix Consultants and Contractors Pvt. Ltd
  166. T- Sat Relay Centre (Prop. M.S. Jayakumar)
  167. Takawane Cable Network (Prop: Namdev Rajaram Takawane
  168. Thalainagar Digital Cables (p) Ltd, Chennai
  169. Thar Media Services
  170. The Asian Digital Network
  171. The Jind Digital Cable Network
  172. Thoothukudi See Cable TV Network Pvt. Ltd.
  173. Tin Tin Cable TV Network
  174. Tirumala Cable TV Medak
  175. Tirupati Cable Network (Prop. Sanjay Madhukarrao Munge)
  176. Tiruppur South Digital Network Pvt. Ltd.
  177. Tirupur City Cable Network
  178. Tiruvannamalai Cable Network
  179. Top Ten Cable Network (Prop. Mrs. Lincy Jose)
  180. UCS Broadband Private Limited
  181. United Digital Communication
  182. Universal Cable
  183. Uvaca Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  184. V. R. Cable
  185. Vaji Communications
  186. Vaji Digital Network
  187. Vajras Digital Netcom Private Limited
  188. Valarr Gokkulam (Prop. M/s Valarr Gokkulam)
  189. Vasavi Communications
  190. Venus digital network Pvt. Ltd.
  191. Vijayanagar Digital Cable Communications
  192. Vishal Cable Network
  193. Vishwadarshan Cable Network (Prop. Shri Khalid Mukadam)
  194. Vision Digital Cable
  195. Vista Vision Network Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
  196. Viswam Digital Network
  197. Vizianagar Citi Communication Pvt. Ltd.
  198. VM Digital Networks Pvt. Ltd.
  199. Voice & Vision Club (Prop. Munish Kumar Singh)
  200. Vortex Digital Network Pvt.Ltd.
  201. Winn Suthi Digital Network Private Limited
  202. Y S Digital Networks Pvt. Ltd.
  203. Yelamanchil Cable Network Pvt. Ltd.
  204. YMS Cable Network (Prop. B. Muni Rathnam)
  205. Zaka Cable TV Network
  206. Sri Sai Communcations
  207. Eturnagaram Digital Cable TV Network
  208. Sanjay Cable Network (Prop. Sanjeev Kumar)
  209. KKR Cable Network (Prop. M. Venkateswara Rao)
  210. TVN Digital Network (Prop. A. Athisooraprakesh)
  211. Gayatri Media & Communication Pvt. Ltd.
  212. Vishal Datacom & Digital Services (Prop. Vishal Rajkumar Punjabi)
  213. Vasim Cable Network (Prop. P Basheer Ahmed)
  214. SS Group (Prop. Nasir Shaikh)
  215. Yug C T Cable
  216. Rajasthan Sky Television Pvt. Ltd.
  217. Sky Cable Net (Prop. Jitender Singh Tewatia)
  218. Sri Durga Cable Network (Prop. Sonu Kumar) MSO registration suspension revoked on 11.05.2022
  219. Lakshmi Venkateswara Cable Network (Prop. Kamthal Basha)
  220. Narasimha Cable Networks (Prop. B Venkata Lakshmi Narasimha Rao)
  221. Sanjay Communications Private Limited
  222. Jai Hanuman Cable (Prop. Bharat Bhaskarappa Mahajan)
  223. Murugan Cable (Prop. V. Balasubramanian)
  224. Lakshmi Sarathi Services
  225. Rudra Digital Express
  226. Chinna CATV MATV DVB Services (Prop. Poothinned Uma Mahaeswara Rao)
  227. Sri Sai Cable Network (Prop. K Mahesh Babu)
  228. Nextra Networks Private Limited
  229. Krishna Cable Network (Prop. N. Ishwar Reddy)
  230. Bharani Cable TV Network (Prop. S Shivakesv Goud)
  231. Sri Sarawathi Cable Network (Prop. A. Subhashini)
  232. ARM Infocommunications Pvt. Ltd.
  233. Ritzy Entertainment Network Private Limited
  234. Inkollu Star & Cable Network (Prop. Edara Srinivasarao)
  235. Allur Cable Network
  236. New SR Satellite (Prop. Guntaka Venkata Reddy)
  237. Surya Sat Vision (Prop. Shaik Munna)
  238. Srinivasa Cable Network (Prop. Myadam Vijay Kumar)
  239. Babaji Cable Network (Prop. Guglavath Karuna)
  240. Vertigo Technologies Private Limited
  241. Sri Rama Digital Communications
  242. Mahadev Cable Networks (Prop. Munna Lal Verma)
  243. Varasiddi Vinayaka Digital Cable Network & Services
  244. Welworth Software Private Limited
  245. Shrishardha Realestate Developers Private Limited
  246. Sri Rajan Reddy Sri Ramkanth Village Cable Network (Prop. Sangati Somasekhra Reddy)
  247. E 2 Info Solutions (Prop. P.S. Chandra Mohan Singh) MSO registration suspension revoked on 06.05.2022
  248. High Media Infotainment India Ltd.
  249. Rathna Digital Cable Network (Prop. Urukundappa)
  250. Starintech
  251. Adapa Digital Entertainment
  252. KKR Cable Network
  253. Sri Manikanta Cable T.V. Network
  254. Maa Mangala Digital
  255. Siri Communiations
  256. Chakra Cable Network
  257. Malayalam Internet Digital Service LLP
  258. Mediant Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  259. Doeguling Primary Agriculture Co-operative Society Ltd.
  260. Sigwire Media Broadcast Pvt. Ltd.
  261. Uva Cable Network Pvt. Ltd.
  262. DEV Digital
  263. Star Cable Network
  264. Jai Mata Di Network
  265. Shareio Communication Pvt Ltd
  266. M/s Town Cable Network
  267. M/s SK Nasimeuddin
  268. M/s Techosmart Cable Pvt. Ltd.
  269. M/s Aeirth Technologies
  270. M/s Jai Bhole Nath Cable Network
  271. M/s Shiva Sai Laxmi Communications
  272. M/s Yadav Cable Network
  273. M/s Seven Star Digital Networks
  274. M/s Nabadiganta Cable Network
  275. M/s Asian Cable Network
  276. M/s GTPL Vijayaraya Network
  277. M/s Mak Infrapromoters Ltd.

The Ministry in May 2022 however revoked the registration suspension of E 2 Info Solutions (Prop. P.S. Chandra Mohan Singh) and Sri Durga Cable Network (Prop. Sonu Kumar) on 6th May and 11th May respectively.

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I&B Ministry suspended 277 MSO registrations in April 2022. In May 2022, the suspension of 2 MSO was revoked.

MIB suspends 277 MSO registrations in April 2022

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