Star India extends existing agreement expiring on March 30

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Leading India broadcaster Star India has extended existing subscription license agreements executed with Star or Disney which were set to be expired by efflux of time on March 30, 2020.

Star India extends existing agreement expiring on March 30

The broadcaster in its letter dated 20th March informed the distribution platform operators in India about the extension. Star noted that the DPOs whose subscription license agreement (SLA) executed with Star India Private Limited and/or Disney Broadcasting India Limited has expired on February 2020 or is expiring by efflux of time on March 30, 2020, is being extended.

Those who have not signed the subscription license agreement version 3 dated January 01, 2020, have their agreements expiring on March 30, 2020, by efflux of time.

Star has extended their agreement for a period ending on March 31, 2020, as an interim measure by way of extension letters, on terms and conditions detailed therein.

Star had earlier in January announced a major revision in its offerings. The broadcaster revised the price of 71 bouquets and launched another 15 new bouquets. The a-la-carte of 27 channels was modified with many increased and some reduced. 10 bouquets saw a price cut in the range of Rs 3 – Rs 28 while the rest 61 bouquets saw a price hike in the range of Rs 2 – Rs 16.  Star also discontinued 6 of its bouquet. All of these changes are yet to come in place along with the launch of 5 new channels, and the shutdown of three of its channels, 

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