Star India revises transition period on DPOs request

The initial transition period was set to end on August 31 but now has been extended further.

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Star India has upon considering various requests received from distribution platform operators (“DPOs”) revised the transition period from June 1, 2019, and ends on October 31, 2019. The initial transition period was set to end on August 31 but now has been extended further.

The broadcaster had on 31 May made the first addendum to its subscription license agreement. It had revised its RIO by way of integration of DBIL channels, the introduction of 2 new channels, amendment of existing bouquets, launching of new bouquets, revising MRP of some channels and bouquets and simplifying the incentives.

It had communicated to the DPOs that in the event they intend to subscribe to the New Channel and/or New Bouquets and/or Amended Bouquets and/or revised incentives, they can execute the “First Addendum to the Subscription License Agreement” available on Star’s website.

Various distribution platform operators (DPOs) had expressed their requirement for additional time to implement the First Addendum. In order to address the issues faced by DPOs relating to the migration of the subscribers from the erstwhile Subscribed Channels/Subscribed Bouquet as opted under the SLA including amendments and/or erstwhile DBIL reference interconnect offer (DBIL RIO) (Erstwhile Subscribed Channels/Subscribed Bouquet) to the revised Subscribed Channels / Subscribed Bouquet under the First Addendum (Revised Subscribed Channels/Subscribed Bouquets). STAR had considered their request for a transition period.

Thus by considering the requests made by DPOs to facilitate the smooth implementation of the First Addendum, STAR had agreed to offer such a transition period to the DPOs, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out hereinafter. Subject to the DPO having initiated steps to implement and comply with the terms of the First Addendum and making available to its subscribers Revised Subscribed Channels / Subscribed Bouquets, STAR had agreed to address the issues relating to subscription fee and incentives (as applicable) by offering a transition period from June 1, 2019 to August 31, 2019.

If the DPO reports Erstwhile Subscribed Bouquet during the Transition Period STAR will charge the old price. If the DPO reports Revised Subscribed Bouquet during the Transition Period STAR will charge the new price. DPO shall be entitled to the incentive on the basis of the incentive condition applicable on the Erstwhile Subscribed Bouquets and/or Revised Subscribed Bouquets as reported by the DPO. Around 9 erstwhile and revised bouquets had been excluded from the penetration calculation.

Star has also further considered revision of the LCN Incentive and Penetration Incentive by considering the requests made by DPO. Star had issued Revised Penetration Incentive and LCN Incentive letter dated August 9, 2019 due to various DPOs seeking a relaxation of the incentive conditions laid down in the Subscription License Agreement dated February 1, 2019.

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