Sun Direct now allowing up to 155 channels for Rs 130 Network Capacity Fee

Sun Direct is now the first DTH to officially declare NCF allowing more than 100 channels along with the removal of the additional slab.

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New Delhi: DTH operator Sun Direct is now officially allowing its subscribers to select up to 155 channels for a monthly Network Capacity Fee of Rs 130/- plus applicable taxes.

The service provider on 20 August amended its Network Capacity Fee officially. In the newly declared Network Capacity Fee Sun Direct has not mentioned any additional slab. Pertinent to note that according to inputs received from our members using Sun Direct from long-time Sun Direct till now hasn’t been charging the additional slab even though it had mentioned the same.

The DTH operator had initially on January 24 declared its Network Capacity Fee days ahead of the switch over to the New Tariff Order. The Network Capacity Fee payable monthly back then was set at Rs 130/- plus applicable taxes for 100 SD channels. Additional slab NCF was set at Rs 20/- plus applicable taxes for the next 25 SD channels.

It has been offering almost the entire FTA channels bouquet available on its platform on complementary basis with the Rs 130 NCF base pack from the start of New Tariff Order. While most operators have declared Rs 130 as NCF for 100 channels, most of them have been offering hundreds of FTA channels on a complimentary basis with discounted NCF on bundle packs.

However Sun Direct is now the first DTH to officially declare NCF allowing more than 100 channels along with the removal of the additional slab. According to the New Tariff Order, a distributor of television channels shall not increase the network capacity fee for a period of six months from the date of notification. Any change in the network capacity fee, shall at least thirty days prior to the scheduled change inform the Authority and inform the subscribers by running scroll on the channel.

Sun Direct has also updated its websites with various compliances needed under the new regulations. The target area, carrying capacity, spare capacity etc details were not available on the website of the DTH operator. Discovery had recently told TRAI that many DPOs weren’t following the QoS regulations. Few PDFs were also uploaded along with the DPO website declaration.

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