Sun Direct offers exciting retention offers this Diwali

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Direct to Home (DTH) operator Sun Direct is offering exciting retention offers this Diwali for its inactive customers. Sun Direct is offering quarterly festival retention offer for 3 months on multiple language DPO packs apart from 9 months retention pack for Tamil customers.

  • Retention November
  • Retention November 3
  • Retention November 2

First up is the Tamil DPO1 pack retention offer at Rs 999 for 9 months effectively costing you Rs 111 per month. Sun Direct has regularly offered this retention pack for its Tamil customers on multiple festival occasions crisscrossing across the year.

Up next is the 3 months festival retention offer for Kannada DPO1, Tamil DPO1, Telugu DPO1, Malayalam DPO1, Bengali DPO1, Odia DPO1, Marathi DPO 1A, and ROI DPO1A.

Kannada DPO1 is available at Rs 494, Bengali DPO1 is available at Rs 490, Tamil DPO1 is available at Rs 489, Odia DPO1 is available at Rs 491, Telugu DPO1 is available at Rs 495, Marathi DPO1A is available at Rs 599, Malayalam DPO1 is available at Rs 493, and ROI DPO 1A is available at Rs 598 for 3 months.

The retention offers are not available for active customers. The 3 month retention offers will be available for Day 0 churn customers onwards with no OTF scheme for retailers. Interested inactive Sun Direct customers can call up the SunShine centers or approach Sun Direct retailers for further information.

Credits – Jraj55, DreamDTH Community Forums

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