Superstructures: Experion Windchants set to premiere on National Geographic

It will unravel the art and science behind the making the engineering wonder Experion Windchants along with featuring one of Asia’s largest residential skywalks.

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National Geographic’s documentary ‘Superstructures: Experion Windchants’ is all set to take viewers inside of Experion Windchants to show the sheer hard work and ideation that enabled the developers to do what it takes to create the architectural marvel.

The documentary is slated to premiere on Sunday, September 26th, 2021 at 8.00 pm on National Geographic India and will unravel the art and science behind the making the engineering wonder Experion Windchants along with featuring one of Asia’s largest residential skywalks.

The film gives viewers a glimpse into the modern engineering that has been contributing significantly to improve the quality of life. It showcases the engineering behind the man-made construction. The documentary tells the incredible story of making a landmark structure; bringing stories of people who conceptualized and designed it along with resident testimonials. 

Viewers will get to know the size, scale, construction methodology, machines that were used, staffing and operating processes that turned the housing project from dream to reality. It also features the wonder and the revolutionary design behind one of Asia’s largest residential skywalks. 

Commenting on this documentary National Geographic spokesperson said, “The endeavour with our Superstructures series has always been to inspire people by bringing to them insightful narratives of architectural marvels. Every modern structure has an interesting story to tell and with this film on Experion Windchants, we weaved in an compelling narrative showcasing the engineering technologies and artistic design that can define the future of luxurious living in our country.”

“With cutting-edge engineering and aesthetically planned structure, Experion Windchants is a project that has done us and the nation proud; creating an unforgettable experience for our customers. We are glad to have associated with National Geographic to bring out the story of how we created this masterpiece. The film will give viewers a fantastic opportunity to look inside one of the most spectacular constructions.” said B K Malagi, CEO & Board Member EDPL.

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