Tata Play commenced using GSAT-24 satellite to offer enhanced picture quality and more channels

Tata Play will be able to transmit up to 900 channels using the GSAT-24 satellite, which makes it the largest satellite bandwidth provider among all DTH providers in India.

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DTH service provider Tata Play, formerly known as Tata Sky, has collaborated with New Space India Limited (NSIL) to launch the GSAT-24 satellite in June 2022. Now, the company has said it has started using the GSAT-24 satellite, which is now in its orbital position. GSAT-24 is a 4-tonne-class, 24-Ku band communication satellite leased by Tata Play from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The satellite has a planned mission duration of 15 years.

The GSAT-24 satellite will allow Tata Play customers to avail enhanced picture and sound quality and more channels with wider coverage across India, including North-East and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Furthermore, the DTH provider will be able to broadcast up to 900 channels, making it the largest satellite bandwidth provider among all DTH platforms in the country.

The inauguration ceremony of the GSAT-24 satellite was held at Tata Play Broadcast Centre in New Delhi on Monday. The event was attended by Tata Play MD & CEO- Shri Harit Nagpal, Information & Broadcasting Secretary- Shri Apurva Chandra, ISRO Chairman- Shri S. Somanath, and NSIL Chairman and Managing Director- Shri Radhakrishnan Durairaj.

Commenting on the occasion, Tata Play’s MD & CEO, Shri Harit Nagpal said,

“Viewing experience has been Tata Play’s key priority. This collaboration with NSIL will provide our DTH subscribers with an even better video and audio quality and many more channels and services. It also strengthens our commitment to Linear TV in a country where approximately ~140 Mn homes are yet to buy their first TV. We have always delivered all our services on indigenously produced satellites by DOS, and this capacity enhancement is a reaffirmation of our commitment to Make in India.”

Commenting on the momentous occasion, S. Somanath, Chairman of ISRO, said,

“GSAT-24 a 4-tonne class communication satellite built by ISRO for providing DTH services, is fully operational at its maximum satellite capacity, following exhaustive in-orbit testing. This momentous achievement signifies a revolution in India’s telecommunications space, driven by cutting-edge indigenous technology. It serves as a tribute to our nation’s aerospace prowess and heralds India’s successful entry into the Demand Driven Mission segment.”

Radhakrishnan Durairaj, Chairman and Managing Director NSIL, said,

“GSAT-24 has been the first Demand Driven communication satellite mission undertaken by NSIL post space sector reforms. The GSAT-24 satellite is ready to usher in a new era of satellite television for India. As a testament to the success of the ‘Make In India’ initiative, this satellite would support domestic broadcasting services with advanced digital TV transmission capabilities. Congratulations to the teams of NSIL, ISRO, and Tata Play who have collaborated on this successful project.”

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