WarnerMedia set to discontinue ‘Turner HD Pack’ and ‘Turner Family HD Pack’


WarnerMedia yesterday through its authorized distribution partner Indiacast Media notified the discontinuation of ‘Turner HD Pack’ and ‘Turner Family HD Pack’ effective 16th December, 2020 as a domino effect of the upcoming shutdown of HBO SD, HBO HD, and WB.

WarnerMedia set to discontinue 'Turner HD Pack' and 'Turner Family HD Pack'

The broadcaster’s bouquet named ‘Turner HD Pack’ which offers ‘Cartoon Network HD+’ and ‘HBO HD’ channels at Rs 12.5 per subscriber will cease to exist due to the shutdown of HBO HD which would render the bouquet not a bouquet anymore since it would only consist of Cartoon Network HD+ channel. Given that Cartoon Network HD+ would be the only channel in the aforesaid bouquet WarnerMedia is discontinuing the bouquet from 16th December.

The broadcaster’s bouquet named ‘Turner Family HD Pack’ which offers ‘Cartoon Network, CNN International, Pogo, WB, and HBO HD’ channels is also set to be discontinued since the shutdown of HBO HD and WB renders the composition of the bouquet the same as that of ‘Turner Family Pack’.

While the two bouquets will be departing next month, you would still be able to subscribe either from Turner Kids Pack, Turner Family Pack, or Turner Family HD Plus Pack.

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