Airtel Digital TV brings back Sunday Super Sale offers

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Bharti Telemedia run Airtel Digital TV has brought back its ‘Sunday Super Sale’ offer under which it offers exciting deals to its customers on Sundays. The weekend offer was discontinued some time back in 2018 before the advent of New Tariff Order. Airtel has now brought it back after a gap of over 15 months.

Airtel Digital TV

The update came courtesy of our community forum member dino_29 and somnath chakrabothy. Airtel under its Sunday Super Sale offers channels and service channels at a price of Rs 1 per month followed by the normal price in the 2nd month.

Airtel Digital TV today as part of its Super Sunday Sale is offering Miniplex service channel at Rs 1 per month. The service channel will cost Rs 2.3 per day in the following month i.e Rs 69 per month. Airtel Digital TV customers can call up 91091 21252 from their Registered Mobile Number to activate the Sunday Super Sale.

D2H and Tata Sky have similar offerings under ‘KKW Offers’ and ‘Jingalala Offers’ wherein both DTH operators provide service channels at Rs 1 for the first 30 days. Post the advent of New Tariff Order, D2h and Tata Sky have most of the time only offered service channels as part of its offer.

It remains to be seen if Airtel offers channels as part of its Sunday Super Sale offer like earlier or chooses to only offer service channels.

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