SPNI to revise 14 Happy India Packs pricing due to AXN shutdown

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14 SPNI Happy India Packs out of the 29 it provides see a price revision

Price revision mandated post the shut down of AXN and AXN HD

Pricing goes live on 1st July

Come 30th June, when India’s second most watched English Entertainment channel AXN shuts down, you might see a reduction in the Happy India Packs you have subscribed to, provided the same currently carries AXN or AXN HD which are on track to shutdown after a fortnight. Sony Pictures Network India (SPNI) has announced revised bouquets and pricing effective 1st July 2020, a day after AXN and AXN HD shutdown which will reduce the channel offerings in 14 Happy India Packs out of the 29 Happy India Packs SPNI currently provides.

SPNI to revise 14 Happy India Packs pricing due to AXN shutdown

Happy India English 12, Happy India South 25, Happy India South Football 33, Happy India South Platinum 35, Happy India Sports + English 47, Happy India Platinum 69 (A), Happy India Bangla Platinum 69, and Happy India Platinum 69 which currently carry AXN will see a reduction in bouquet price between Rs 2.2 – Rs 3.3 depending upon the bouquet.

Happy India English HD 20, Happy India Sports + English HD 50, Happy India Platinum HD 90 (A), Happy India Platinum HD 90, Happy India Bangla Platinum HD 90, and Happy India Platinum HD 93 which currently carry AXN HD will see a reduction in bouquet price between Rs 3.6 – Rs 4.4 depending upon the bouquet.

The minimum revision is Rs 2.2 whereas the maximum revision is Rs 4.4 which depends upon the bouquet. The revised pricing goes live in another 17 days and will be soon live on your DTH operators since Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, Sun Direct, Dish TV, D2h and Tata Sky implemented the earlier price reduction in 24 SPNI Happy India Packs post the shutdown of Sony MIX, Sony ESPN and Sony ESPN HD.

Unlike RIO amendments wherein the distribution platform operators and broadcasters need to sign the revised RIO with their no obligation on the DPOs to sign the revised RIO unless their existing subscription agreements expire, in this case given the broadcaster is shutting down its channels which are part of its bouquet pricing, the Interconnection Regulations 2017 mandates a direct reduction in the bouquet pricing which is more or less like a direct benefit transfer.

The update came courtesy of our community forum member Akash Solanki who has accessed the revised bouquets and pricing effective 1st July 2020. SPN Distribution seemingly has sent out communications to the distribution platform operators about the price revision post AXN and AXN HD shutdown. As such, the Happy India packs listings on the SPNI website should be updated on a later occasion this month to reflect these price changes.

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