Airtel Digital TV synergizing Mobility and DTH distribution systems to drive new acquisitions: Gopal Vittal

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Bharti Airtel MD and CEO Gopal Vittal yesterday speaking to analysts discussing the Q2 FY 21 results revealed that the company has synergized its Mobility and DTH distribution systems which has enabled it to drive new acquisitions of more than half a million customers during Q2 FY 21 seeing an enormous rise in the acquisitions compared to Q1 FY 21.

Vittal further added that the major acquisitions were coming from places like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan wherein the company is finding enough traction with the right model. He further stated that the distribution system of Mobility was 20 times the size of DTH.

We’re pleased with the progress that we have made on DTH adding more than half a million customers and primarily that is because of the fact that we’ve been able to synergize a Distribution Systems between Mobility and DTH. Mobility has a distribution system that’s almost 20 times the size of DTH and in places like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan, and many markets we are getting a significant synergistic effort by actually finding the right model to synergize but yet keeping enough focus on the DTH

Gopal Vittal, MD and CEO, India & South Asia, Bharti Airtel

Badal Bagri, Chief Financial Officer, Bharti Airtel further added that most of the acquisitions came towards the latter part of the quarter which is picking up. He further said that July and August historically were softer months in terms of recharges and customers being online.

He said, “Just to add to what Gopal said that we have added close to 550,000
customers in the current quarter. Most of these acquisitions have come
towards the latter part of the quarter and also historically July and August
are softer months typically in terms of recharges, in terms of customers
being online. So we have seen traction that has just come and picked up in the month of September and we feel that that that traction should continue
and it will go to the result in the coming quarters

The response came in answer to a question as to why the Digital TV business was showing muted growth despite the high CAPEX and as to when Airtel expected the growth jump to come for its Digital TV business.

Airtel has added over 594K new customers to its Digital TV portfolio during Q2 FY 21 seeing its customer base zoom to 17.4 million whereas in Q1 FY 21 it added only 226K new customers to its subscriber base.

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