Airtel Xstream STB enables recording of content

Airtel Xstream STB enables recording of content

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Direct to Home (DTH) operator Airtel Digital TV has enabled the recording of content on its android powered hybrid Airtel Xstream Box allowing its customers to now record content with the use of pen drive.

Airtel Xstream STB enables recording of content

The recording feature has been enabled after the push of new firmware 2.2.2-20062914 which is yet to roll out to all Airtel Xstream Box users. The enabling of the recording feature will now Airtel Xstream Box users to record content onto their pen drives.

To enable recording feature, one needs to subscribe to the recording topup which costs Rs 33 with the recording feature currently chargeable. Airtel Xstream Box users cannot record one channel and watch another channel during recording one program.

The enabling of recording will help customers to record and watch their favourite content at a later point of time. It remains to be seen as to when Airtel rolls out the update to all of its Airtel Xstream Box.

Credits – Gowrishankar, DreamDTH Community Forums

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