Discussion According to you which is the best Bengali News Channel available in dths in India?

According to you which is the best Bengali News Channel available in dths in India?

  • Bangla Bharat

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  • Onkar Only Truth

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  • BTV World

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  • Aakash Aath (Aakash Barta)

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  • CTVN AKD Plus

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  • R Plus News

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Calcutta News worst possible channel. I shall send a mail to sun direct to drop the channel as its waste of tp space. All fake propaganda.
Yes I also think that.....

CN is a crap channel...a copy cat channel..
Logo is more or less copied from ABP NEWS(old logo)
Also Bangla Bharat copied logo of Aaj Tak

Their programme "Fourth Pillar" also copied from Kolkata TV's popular show "Choturtho Stombho"(which is bengali meaning of CN's show "Fourth Pillar")
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Personally, since I have no experience of watching the news coverage of any of these channels, and my parents watch only ABP Ananda since that is the only channel available on OTT in a reasonably good quality (we have stopped DTH), I have voted for that. Also voted for Kolkata TV and News Time Bangla for the excellent theme music they have that beats ABP Ananda any day. :lol:

In all seriousness, ABP Ananda is always the leader by a big margin.
Calcutta News Winner.
ABP Ananda Runners-up.
and also almost same thing reflect on barc weekly rating.
cn news gained his position day by day
now only two frontier left to beat abp ananda and 24 ghanta

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