Airtel Digital TV HD Features


7 Apr 2011
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high definition resolution

Mind-blowing picture clarity with the highest possible resolution of 1080x1920 (2.07million+ pixels with 5 times sharper picture than Standard Definition).

3D Picture

Your airtel digital TV [HD] recorder is now 3D ready!
Enjoy your favorite channels come to life

dolby digital plus

Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound for theatre like experience right in your living room.

wide aspect ratio

Wide aspect ratio of 16:9, better suited for our eyes which have more horizontal than vertical span.

high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) output

HDMI output to get the best HD signals to your HDTV.


airtel HD set top box employs the latest MPEG-4 DVB-S2 technology.

universal remote

One can get rid of managing different remote controls and can be operated through airtel HD set top box universal remote.

blockbuster movies

Get to see the latest Pay-Per-View (PPV) movies of your choice.

interactive services

Now experience the most captivating feature of interactive service with airtel HD set top box. You can now get maximum from your Television set like book movie tickets, browse internet and much more.


airtel HD set top box provides you with an array of thrilling and exciting games.

multilingual EPG

All the appropriate information regarding programs are available on Multilingual Electronic Program Guide in both English and Hindi languages.

power resume function

In the event of unforeseen failure of electricity while watching a particular channel, airtel HD set top box will ensure that the same channel is back for viewing when electricity

low battery indicator

Whenever there is low battery, it will be shown on your universal remote.

front panel


Power : Switches the Set-Top Box into standby mode or in power on mode
- STB input voltage : DC 12V
- Power supply : AC/DC converter : AC 90-270 Volts
- Power consumption : 30 W max
Navigation Panel : Left/Right/Up/Down arrow keys are used for navigation.
Menu: Displays the Home/Main menu
OK : Activates highlighted item or confirms an action
Remote Sensor: Receives the infrared (IR) signal from Remote Control Unit
Standby LED: Turns red while in standby mode
Remote LED: Flashes green when receiving data from Remote Control Unit
Smart Card Slot: Insert a smart card to watch pay TV channels/content
Common Interface (CI) Slot: Inserts CAM module (PCMCIA module)

Rear Panel


LNB Input 1: Digital Satellite signal input from Dish Antenna (LNB) to Tuner.
USB: Port for USB device; 2x Rear Panel.
RF Out: RF Video & Audio output to TV Connect to RF Terminal of TV set ; VHF (channel3/4), IEC 60169-2 Male
LAN: Port of Ethernet service; RJ-45 Socket
HDMI: HDMI Video & Audio output to TV Connect to HDMI Terminal of TV set. Type A 1.5m.
S/PDIF: S/PDIF Audio output Connect S/PDIF output of the Set-Top Box to your TV set/Hi-Fi Audio System S/PDIF input
Audio L & R: Left & Right Audio output Connect to Audio Terminal of TV set/Hi-Fi Audio System IEC 48B sec 316 (RCA) Female (White & Red) Digital S/PDIF Coaxial, RCA IEC 48B sec 316(RCA) (orange)
Video: Composite Video output to TV Connect to Composite Video Terminal of TV set HDMI Type A,Y-Pb-Pr component video output, RCA IEC 48B sec 316 (RCA) Female ( Green, Blue, Red), IEC 48B sec 316(RCA) Female(yellow)
Component: Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) output Connect to Component Video Terminal of TV set
DC Inlet: DC Jack plug input from Adapter Connect to power socket
Main: 2 pin plug (AC)

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