apna dth by Mcbs for DDdirect reception

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2 May 2011
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APNA DTH is a registered trade mark of MCBS for DTH terminals designed and developed for various DTH platforms in India. It consists of a variety of dish antenna terminals with LNBF and Set-top boxes to suit needs of all customers. Its salient features are as listed below:
APNA DTH products are being designed and developed by MCBS using world's best and latest technology in antenna, LNBF and Set-top boxes (IRD).

APNA DTH products are based on open DVB standards and can be used
for several DTH platforms with or without Conditional Access System
(CAS) which are already operational and would soon become available in
the near future.

APNA DTH provides choice of Set-top boxes with several features built in
and made user-friendly.These are available in a variety of models to
include i. Common Interface Slot (CI) for Conditional Access Module (CAM) ii. Free-to-Air (FTA) iii. Battery operation iv. FTA & DVD v.Set-top box with
positioner for multicast operation & moving vehicles. vi. Multisat antenna
and Set-top box.
APNA DTH products can be used with all DTH platforms which provide FTA channels and OPEN DVB-CAS pay TV channels.

APNA DTH system is designed for DD Direct Plus services of
Doordarshan to receive 30 to 40 TV & several All India Radio channels

APNA DTH products are approved by Prasar Bharati (Doordarshan) for use in Doordarshan DTH Network throughout India.

APNA DTH products can be obtained from India wide Dealer / Distributor networks and MCBS regional offices.
Contact: Email: [email protected]
Dear Sir please notify me whether mcbs remote available or not ??in local market ,I m from Assam
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